Home Is Where The Heart Is <3

 As of lately, I’ve become quite the Pinterest whore! (LOL) But I love it because it allows me to share so much creative ideas and inspiration with family and friends. Just a week after my last post, references and merchandise related to Valentine’s Day are literally everywhere. So its no wonder that, while browsing Pinterest, I came across a few ideas on how you can spruce up your home with a little Valentine’s Day do-it-yourself decor. Hopefully you’ll heart these ideas as much as i do!

Conversational Hearts Vase


So simple, yet so cute and chic. For fresh flowers, you can get two glass vases. One large vase and another just smaller enough to fit inside the larger one so that there is still adequate space to fill with candy. From there you can add your candy in-between the vases and use the smaller vase for water and flowers. If you are using silk flowers, then all you need is one vase. You can fill that entire vase with candy since you won’t be needing water. Now, how cute is that?!

Printables Frame  


Online you can find a bunch of cutesy Valentine’s Day printables. By simply inserting any of these printables into a nice frame, you can create great art pieces for your mantlepiece, walls, or whatever place in your home you want to make festive.

Anniversary Sign 


This might be my favorite Valentine’s Day decor idea, only because it can double as a keepsake or a gift. One thing about me is that I love keeping things that help me to remember a specific moment, event, or day. This DIY project is really easy. All you need is a small canvas which you can paint the word love on or even just a heart and your anniversary date. And, voila!

Love Themed Throw Pillows


I love throw pillows. The best thing about them is that they’re used as an accent so they don’t always have to match. An easy way to add some holiday decor is by picking up a love themed throw pillow. Or you can even make one! Pinterest has a ton of DIY projects including designing your own pillows.

Pretty cool!