What do you get him?! – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost that time of year when love is in the air as, the commercial holiday, Valentine’s Day rolls around once again. And well, either you love it or you don’t— I love it! What I don’t particularly love however is, finding the right gift for my boyfriend. While I might agree slightly with those that believe this holiday caters to women, I mostly believe that it is a holiday to celebrate love. With that said, there is absolutely no way I can leave out bae. And, if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to leave him out either.

I decided that this year I’d get a little head-start on finding the right token of appreciation for my love. And I’m going to share with you all some of the gifting ideas that I like. The days of the shirt and tie are over, so time to think outside the box.  I don’t know about you but I like to see my boyfriend’s handsome smile beaming whenever he opens a gift from moi. I also like to give gifts that wont just get tossed aside or to the back of the closet.


Bluetooth Speaker 

For music lovers, you can’t go wrong with a great sounding bluetooth speaker. Some of the speakers I really like are the Bose Soundlink Color, the UE Boom by Ultimate Ears and the JBL Flip, respectively. And if you’re really in the spirit, well, you can snatch any of these up in the color red, to really make his heart skip a beat!

Activity Tracker 

If your guy is into fitness, an activity tracker just might be the perfect gift for him. There’s many brands out there, still I would suggest going with either the new FitBit Charge, Jawbone UP3, or Garmin Vivofit. Up for a challenge? You can gift one to yourself also. Don’t worry about the band being a fashion killer, they come in a variety of colors so you can take your pick. And, if you go with the FitBit (and don’t have a budget), Tory Burch has got you covered with neat metal bracelets or pendants that can disguise a FitBit Flex.

Sporting Tickets 

I haven’t met a guy yet, that wasn’t into a sport of some sort. Whatever that sport may be, I’m sure you can find tickets to an upcoming event that will make his eyes light up with delight. And best of all, you’ll get to enjoy it with him when the day comes. I think secretly men love when they can share sports with their woman.

Luxe Shaving Set 

No shave November has come and gone. Yes, we’re all for the cause so please still support cancer awareness and research but now its time to make sure your bae is well-groomed. Whether he likes to go to see a barber or not, this gift can delight. It never hurts to try something new, and I’m sure a nice, new and luxurious shaving set, such as The Art of Shaving, will do just the trick.


What? You didn’t think it would make the list? Lol.

Guys may not be as chocolate crazed as us women but they do appreciate it from time to time. Instead of a regular store-bought box of chocolates, aim for something with more of a personal touch. I like the idea of chocolate dipped pretzels or chocolate covered Oreos. Last year, I had chocolate covered Oreos delivered to my boyfriend and that was definitely a win.You can find both of these delicious items and lots more chocolatey treats from most companies that deliver flowers, such as FTD or ProFlowers. Lastly, I’ve always had personalized M&M’s on my mind, perhaps because my boyfriend loves M&Ms. I love that you can personalize them with messages and even pictures too. So cool!


You may not be into buying material gifts or maybe looking to give something a little more sentimental this year. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. I was talking to my dear friend about Valentine’s Day and she same up with the brilliant idea of making a basket with cute little trinkets that are symbolic of your relationship. I loved the idea! It really forces you to use your creativity and it’s something you can always look back at and reflect upon years to come. I’m sure bae will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I hope this guide helps you find the right gift for your guy or at least sparks the creative gifting within you! Shopping for men can be such a task. Good Luck!


Valentine’s Day Ready

Valentine's Day Ready

H M tech accessory
$9.86 – hm.com

Matte red lipstick
$28 – newlook.com

Ciate summer nail polish

Home Is Where The Heart Is <3

 As of lately, I’ve become quite the Pinterest whore! (LOL) But I love it because it allows me to share so much creative ideas and inspiration with family and friends. Just a week after my last post, references and merchandise related to Valentine’s Day are literally everywhere. So its no wonder that, while browsing Pinterest, I came across a few ideas on how you can spruce up your home with a little Valentine’s Day do-it-yourself decor. Hopefully you’ll heart these ideas as much as i do!

Conversational Hearts Vase


So simple, yet so cute and chic. For fresh flowers, you can get two glass vases. One large vase and another just smaller enough to fit inside the larger one so that there is still adequate space to fill with candy. From there you can add your candy in-between the vases and use the smaller vase for water and flowers. If you are using silk flowers, then all you need is one vase. You can fill that entire vase with candy since you won’t be needing water. Now, how cute is that?!

Printables Frame  


Online you can find a bunch of cutesy Valentine’s Day printables. By simply inserting any of these printables into a nice frame, you can create great art pieces for your mantlepiece, walls, or whatever place in your home you want to make festive.

Anniversary Sign 


This might be my favorite Valentine’s Day decor idea, only because it can double as a keepsake or a gift. One thing about me is that I love keeping things that help me to remember a specific moment, event, or day. This DIY project is really easy. All you need is a small canvas which you can paint the word love on or even just a heart and your anniversary date. And, voila!

Love Themed Throw Pillows


I love throw pillows. The best thing about them is that they’re used as an accent so they don’t always have to match. An easy way to add some holiday decor is by picking up a love themed throw pillow. Or you can even make one! Pinterest has a ton of DIY projects including designing your own pillows.

Pretty cool!

Early Bird Valentine’s Day Ideas

Ever since the new year commenced, Valentine’s Day has been on my mind. And I’m sure it’s been on your mind too. I mean, who can ignore that giant-sized teddy bear in aisle 2 at the nearest CVS or Rite Aid Pharmacy? Not to mention, the tons of heart-boxed chocolates calling my name simultaneously!

Since its been on my mind, I figured why not share some of my brilliant and not so brilliant ideas. First up is celebration. Every year there is mixed feelings about this holiday and this year is no different. So, I came up with ideas for both my ladies who are taken and for all my single ladies (in my best Yoncé voice).



Couples painting classes has been somewhat a trend lately (as per my Instagram feed) but I’m sure a majority of people, myself included, have given it a thought but not a shot. Well Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give it a go. This type of date will allow you the time to make a deeper connection with your beau and best yet it’s not your typical dinner and movie date. You can avoid the crowds plus leave with a keepsake: your artwork!



Wine tasting can be a really romantic date, making it a great choice for Valentine’s day. That is, as long as you skip the free events at your local wine and spirits store. Some cities, such as NYC, even offer wine tours. This adds a little adventure factor to the date. You can go from venue to venue nibbling on an array of desserts and savoring the best wines, all while learning about these wines. Lastly, by the events end you will already be prepped for a sexy night in. 😉



Start the intimacy on Valentine’s Day before night falls! You can book a couples massage for you and your special guy. Together, on side by side tables, you can let go of the stressors of life while enjoying one another’s company. Lots of massage parlors offer up special packages for Valentine’s Day. This often includes a romantic candlelit setting, as well as, champagne and chocolates. Just be sure to book ahead, don’t wait until the last minute. Last year, I learned the hard way that these appointments fill up quickly.



Sometimes you may not be able to spend Valentine’s Day with that special person in your life. However, if this is your circumstance, you can still let him know that you are thinking  of him in a special way with boudoir photography. Not only will he appreciate your body as an art but you will be filled with a new found confidence and feelings of sexiness. This can only benefit your relationship. Every woman has insecurities about her body, and it’s normal. I think of boudoir photography as a way to combat those insecurities. I do recommend doing your research on studios before hand to ensure you will be receiving the shot quality which you are looking for.



The brunch fad has been taking over for some time now, at least in NYC, but I’m not sick of it just yet. In fact, I think it would be a really cool date for Valentine’s Weekend. And not just for those coupled up but for singles too! Just grab a couple of friends and enjoy. Though you may not totally be able to avoid a crowd, it’ll most likely be easier to get seated than going out to dinner, there’s usually unlimited mimosa’s, and the majority of the day ahead will still be yours for the taking. Did I mention that there’s usually unlimited mimosa’s? That alone means you can count me in!



This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, making it perfect for a weekend getaway. Again, this idea can go for singles or couples. For those love sick or plain ‘ole sick of the mushy holiday, you can take focus off the holiday. Although, no matter where you go, I’m sure you’ll see smooching love birds somewhere. And for those dating and in relationships, a getaway can allow you to put more focus on your relationship for a while. Maybe skiing is your thing, or perhaps you want to skip out to somewhere tropical? No matter where you deicide to go, don’t hesitate! Just plan and don’t look back. It’ll be a Valentine’s Day to remember. Instead of the cliche chocolate and roses, you’re gifting yourself an experience. It doesn’t get better than that!!! Thank me later!